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Trinity Birth Services offers limited services at this time, but the future holds so much!

Current services include prenatal, labor, postpartum, bereavement, or virtual doula services, childbirth education, and a beautiful white birth pool rental!

Future services include Midwifery services and Lactation Consults.



I am a proud Christian wife and mama to four kiddos.
I am a certified Registered Nurse, turned stay at home mom.
I am currently finishing classes to become a midwife and to be a lactation consultant.

I am a certified doula.

I am also a certified Herbalist.
I feel strongly about advocating for women during their births and educating them on their rights to have the birth they deserve.
I have had 2 cesareans, followed by a VBAC, then an amazing home birth with my fourth... so I have had a variety of birth experiences personally, on top of professionally as well.
I love all things homeopathic.
We have a small homestead that includes: a mini cow, goats, pigs, lots of different types of chickens, ducks, and bunnies.

We have property up north where we love to ride our four wheelers, but I will not pass up a beach trip too.
I am a mama to a special needs kiddo, who is also a cancer survivor, so I understand the scary and unknown journey that comes with those situations.
I breastfed all three of my kids - from exclusively pumping for my first for two years, breastfeeding my second for over two years and tandem feeding with my third, and now newly in our journey with our fourth. 
Lastly, to end it all, I am someone who loves to have fun of all kinds, down to earth, goes with the flow, dad-joke-loving, big sense of humor type of girl!






Pregnancy, postpartum, personalized teas


No longer providing this service -
Placenta Encapsulation and chocolates

I am a Certified Placenta Encapsulator. I offer placenta encapsulation with a choice of flavored, vegan/gluten free, clear, or colored (standard company color of gold and teal unless otherwise stated when ordering) capsules. They will come in a UV resistant glass jar that is either black or pink - your choice on which color!

If you can't swallow pills, I have chocolate options including milk, dark, organic, vegan, dairy, or gluten free. I can also add different types of chopped nuts!

Options all depend on availability from manufacturers, so the sooner you book, the better!

Price - $200 for capsules

             $250 for chocolates 

Pick up included within 30 minutes of Boyertown/Oley area, an added fee for greater distance, or drop off is also an option.



Earthside Birth Pool Rental

This beautiful pool would be accompanied with a white exercise ball and white peanut ball to make an anesthetically pleasing setting for your birth. This combo makes photographs look even more beautiful! This pool not only looks beautiful, but also has amazing practical needs. A cup holder, multiple (4) handles outside and inside the pool, padded floor and seat, and is non toxic, bpa free, and eco pvc!

Included in price: White Birth Pool, White exercise ball, white peanut ball, air pump, water pump (to pump out water), white hose, and clear pool liner.

Rental will be for a up to a 3 week time period (suggestion is 38-41 weeks, or 39-42 weeks) for $175 and $25 per extra week. Rental without exercise ball and peanut ball is $150

Pictures of all the pool, ball, and peanut ball can be seen on my social media page!

A non refundable amount of $50 is due upon contract signing to secure your dates.



Doula Services and Childbirth Education

      This is your birth and you deserve to have the support you want and need to have the birth you desire. Whether you free birth, home birth, have a birth center or hospital birth, I will help you every step of the way. I will stand by your side to empower you, advocate for you, listen to you, and provide support in any way possible. You will always have someone to ask any question to or just have a nice chit chat with.

       Since not everyone wants the same thing, my services are customized based off of what you want - from the number of prenatal visits, number of postpartum visits, and/or childbirth and breastfeeding educational classes. My services include full range of my educational resources and all my birth tools!

       Feel free to message me to discuss further details or schedule a consultation!

       As always, payment plans available!

In addition, I am a Certified Birth and Bereavement Doula through Stillbirthday. To find out more details on what that entails, visit their website here

Woman Cleaning Furniture

Cleaning and

I am a huge fan of cleaning and organizing!

I am no professional cleaner or organizer, but I do my best to give you what want and need.

I can absolutely understand things can get behind, a little extra help is needed, or you just want someone else to take over so you can relax!

This can be a cleaning before baby is due to arrive, while you are in labor and wanting a quick house clean (no, I do not need to be your birth worker/doula, I can just come to clean while you labor!), if you are on bed rest, need help organizing baby clothes, or wanting a cleaning postpartum while you cuddle up with your baby... anything to help make your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period go as smooth as possible.

Never feel embarrassed to reach out for help, I am only one email or call away!

Cost depends on what services are wanted and for how long.

Payment plans available!

I also offer free cleanings and organizing help for those who can not afford to hire someone. If this is you or someone you may know, please do not hesitate to reach out!


Pregnancy, postpartum, and personalized teas

As a certified herbalist, I have done classes to study herbs in all their glory!

I offer personalized teas pending on symptoms, along with just a good old fashion red raspberry leaf tea.

All herbs used are organic and can come in loose leaf or unbleached, disposable tea bags.

Each order is given to you in a mason jar for you to keep, along with a list of each herb you choose (I will help with this!), and a description of their benefits on the back of your card!

Future items will include salves and tinctures!

Contact Us

Never hesitate to get in contact with me with any, and all, questions! I’m here for you!

Berks County, PA

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